The Nurdle Journal

  • Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Sustainable Handcrafted Jewelry

    The holiday gift guide designed for those who share a deep connection with the ocean, a passion for marine life, and a commitment to sustainability. Dive into a world of stunning, handmade jewelry, meticulously crafted from Florida's beach microplastics. These one-of-a-kind pieces tell a story of conservation, creativity, and a profound connection to the marine world. Explore Ocean Plastics Jewelry's unique collection and join the ranks of ocean lovers who are making a positive impact on the planet through their thoughtful and sustainable choicest.
  • Bimini Earrings: A Tropical Treasure with a Sustainable Twist

    Bimini Earrings: a fusion of elegance, sustainability, and the vibrant spirit of Bimini itself. These exquisite creations are more than just accessories; they are a tangible piece of paradise, a nod to the allure of the Bahamas, and a testament to your love for our oceans. Join us on a journey to discover the captivating world of Bimini earrings, where beauty meets purpose, and style embraces sustainability. 🌴🌊☀️

  • Embracing Beauty and Sustainability: Eleuthera Earrings

    The Eleuthera Earrings are an example of the transformative power of sustainable jewelry. Crafted with passion, these handcrafted accessories capture the stunning allure of Eleuthera Island, while embodying a deep commitment to environmental preservation. When you wear the Eleuthera Earrings, you become a symbol of change and a catalyst for conversations about plastic pollution.