Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Sustainable Handcrafted Jewelry

This holiday season, spread a little extra cheer by choosing gifts that are not only thoughtful but also eco-friendly and sustainable. This 2023 holiday gift guide is designed for those who share a deep connection with the ocean, a passion for marine life, and a commitment to sustainability. Dive into a world of stunning, handmade jewelry, beautifully crafted from beach microplastics, and beautifully presented in packaging that not only reflects your love for the sea but also nurtures a greener future. These one-of-a-kind pieces tell a story of conservation, creativity, and a profound connection to the marine world. Explore our unique gift collection and join the ranks of ocean lovers who are making a positive impact on the planet through their thoughtful and sustainable choices.

Each piece is handcrafted featuring microplastics collected from local beaches,  suspended in eco-friendly resin resulting in a unique work of art. Choose from the popular wave necklaces or several pendant necklace styles and lengths.


Ocean Plastics Jewelry offers lightweight earrings that showcase the vibrant colors and textures of microplastics found on our local beaches. We offer a variety of styles  from minimalist to bold and colorful. Dangles, tear drops, studs: everything from small and dainty to bold and statement sized, all hypoallergenic.