Got Plastic?


We are dedicated to transforming the global plastic crisis into something positive by collaborating with passionate beach cleanup groups like yours to create a meaningful impact.  

I would love to take the plastics, that's smaller than 2 inches, that your group finds during beach cleanups and repurpose it! My hope is to give microplastics a second life. Pieces of small plastic can’t be recycled in a traditional recycling system so I hope to stop them from getting smaller and going back into the ocean. 

We have two forms below to help us keep organized as to who has plastics to send us!  If you are doing a beach clean up with a group of people the first form is for you!   If you just have a collection of plastics that you've been accumulating and would like to pass along, the second form is for you!! 

Are you organizing a group beach clean up event?

We will take your small plastics and put them to use!  

Click here to fill us in about your event. 

We will send you an eco friendly prepaid return package. 


Do you collect plastic from the beach or the ocean?

Do you have at least a pint of plastic accumulated? 

You do!? Look at you go, you eco-warrior! 

Click here for more details and to enter a little more info into our form.  

We will send you an eco friendly pre paid return package.