Turn the Tide on Single Use Plastics

Every year, a tidal wave of plastic waste washes into our beloved oceans and beaches, causing mayhem for marine life and enchanting ecosystems. Among the craftiest culprits are single-use plastics, known to wreak havoc on the environment. But there's a magical solution to this underwater predicament! 

Single-use plastics create waves of trouble for our marine friends. Straws, bottles, and bags, often end up in the ocean, fooling sea creatures into mistaking them for delicious treats. As plastics break down into smaller fragments known as microplastics, they infiltrate marine ecosystems and the food chain. These microplastics are then consumed by smaller organisms, ultimately affecting larger predators, including us humans!  Plastics take hundreds of years to degrade fully. As they break down into smaller pieces, they become virtually impossible to remove from the environment.  But fear not, brave ocean warriors, we have tricks up our sleeves!


Easy Ways to Join the Fight Against Ocean Waste! 

Reusable Alternatives: The magic lies in the simple yet powerful steps we can take to thwart this single-use scourge. We can invest in a reusable water bottle for example. So, so easy! 

Say goodbye to single-use food containers and embrace our practical reusable bento box. Perfect for on-the-go meals, picnics, or office lunches, this eco-friendly alternative helps you reduce plastic waste every day. 

Say No to Plastic Utensils: When ordering takeout or dining out, politely decline plastic utensils. Our bento box comes with reusable utensils too! 

Protect your phone and the environment with our biodegradable phone case. Made from sustainable materials, it ensures your phone stays safe while leaving no harmful trace in the environment when it's time for an upgrade.

Buy in Bulk: Purchase items in bulk when possible, as it reduces the need for individually wrapped or single-use packaging. Bring your own containers to fill up on grains, nuts, and other pantry staples.

Participate in Beach Cleanups: Support local beach cleanups or organize one in your community. By removing existing plastic debris from beaches, you can prevent it from making its way back into the ocean. Find a beach clean up here! 

Be an Ocean Warrior, start the conversation with our Neoprene Can Cooler Sleeve (aka Koozie) and kiss cut stickers!  

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